Before we can distribute the internship offers to you, all available offers will be exchanged on an international level once every year. After the exchange sessions we finally receive about 5-10 internship offers which we can distribute to students in Bremen.

The exchange process

The internship offers by research institutes or companies find their way to the trainees in five steps:

    1. First of all, every local committee raises internships in its area of responsibility. Furthermore every local committee collects the pre-applications from interested students until the 30th November, in order to get an idea of the required amount of internships.
    2. Every year in January there is a General Conference (GC) that is attended by the representatives of all the IAESTE national committees. Every representative brings the internship offers from his country. In the GC the internship offers are exchanged in several exchange sessions between the representatives of all countries. The following principle applies: number of the internships offered = number of internships received.
    3. Every year in February the national committees distribute the internship offers that they received at the GC to the affiliated local committees. This distribution is based on the requirement lists created by the local committees. Additionally there is a National Exchange Conference that is attended by the representatives of all the local committees. At this national exchange conference it is possible to exchange internship offers with the other local committees since the first distribution by the national committee is not always the best. This is our chance to get the best internship offers for you!
    4. Finally the internship offers are distributed to our applicants in February every year. Since there are 5-10 internships p.a. available for Bremen and the number of the applicants is approximately 60, we will decide about the final distribution according to the pre-applications. Our criterion is your motivation!

Application procedure

For the regular application procedure you have to submit an online pre-application that is completely without obligation. At our local committee the pre-application can only be submitted online. The deadline is every year the 30th November.

As soon as we offered you an internship, you have to decide if you are definitely willing to accept the internship offer. In this case you have to pay a deposit of 100€ that you will of course retrieve after finishing your internship. Afterwards you will receive all the documents that are necessary for the final application. From that moment on you are the only applicant for this internship. Of course it is your responsibility to write an application as good and expressive as possible that will be forwarded by IAESTE Germany to the company or research institute offering the internship. The application documents in the regular application procedure must be submitted every year before 31st March.

From April the company or the research institute will decide about your acceptance. Usually most of the applicants are accepted, in case they sent a proper application. After the acceptance there is nothing left standing in the way of your internship!